We’ve always been true to one thing only – superior quality!

About us

Our Passion

At Sarasota Landscaping Inc, meeting and exceeding your landscaping needs is our passion. We love to provide you unique landscape designs and solutions that are customized to your home. You can find landscaping companies anywhere, but none of them can offer what we do. Some Sarasota landscape companies come and go, Sarasota Landscaping Inc is here to stay.

Our Expertise

We specialize in Sarasota landscaping, palm tree installations, hardscape features including retaining walls, brick pavers, walk ways and patio. With years of design experience and the best palm tree nursery access you can be sure the job gets done right and on budget.

Custom Landscape Design

Regardless of what your exterior idea is, our team of design-and-build experts will easily turn it into reality! This is true both for residential and commercial exterior projects of any scale!

Inspiring Aesthetics

With a combined experience of implementing some state-of-art exterior design projects for many decades under their belts, our designers crave for the highest visual appeal in everything they do!

Diverse Services

Serving everyone from household owners to hotels and office, we make sure to provide a truly full-cycle range of exterior design, landscaping, and exterior remodeling services!

Friendly Prices

Having so much to offer, we also would love to give you the best pricing on all of our services! This means that as compared to our market rivals, our pricing is indeed fair and friendly!

Future Customer,

No matter what you would like to do to your yard, Sarasota Landscaping Inc is ready to get the job done. Whether you would like to completely renovate your landscaping, or simply clean up, or spruce up your existing landscaping, I would love to give you a free consultation and estimate.

My name is Craig Franca, and I am the owner and the person who you will deal with from start to finish. With over 15 years of Landscape Design experience, I have a passion for helping customers transform their yards into a tropical paradise. I like to create landscapes that are done right the first time and continue to look better and better over time. You can trust that we, at Sarasota Landscaping Inc, will listen to your Landscape wants and needs, and incorporate professionalism and creativity to guarantee that you are a satisfied customer.

In life it is nice to find and do what you really love. I did and I am. Designing landscaping and implementing my vision is what I love to do. I am ready to meet you for a free Landscape consultation. Please Call me directly at (941)893-7767, or visit our website at sarasotalandscaping.com and request a free estimate online. I look forward to working with you. Craig Franca Owner, Sarasota Landscaping Inc. (941)893-7767