A well designed and maintained landscape can boost your home’s curb appeal as well as its property value. There’s nothing quite like driving up to your postcard-worthy landscape and knowing that it’s your home. Sarasota Landscaping specializes in landscape design, blending softscape and hardscape features to create a singular setting that complements each client’s home as well as their aesthetic vision. With the right landscape renovations and installations, you can transform your property for maximum visual appeal.

Landscape Design (For Curb Appeal)

Florida’s subtropical climate supports a wide range of plant life that brims with dazzling colors and unique textures. Sarasota Landscaping meets with clients to help them choose a combination of plantings for their property. When landscaping for improved curb appeal, we often present clients with a mix of plants with different growth habits in order to create a dynamic landscape.

We have experience creating single-color landscapes, urban courtyards, Zen-inspired landscapes, cottage gardens, low-maintenance landscapes, xeriscape gardens, water-loving landscapes, and more. We take our design cues from our clients. What types of plants do you love? Palm trees and succulents or tropical shrubs and flowering vines? We can infuse your favorite plants into your design to create the eye-catching front yard you’re hoping for.

Hardscape Features

Hardscaping provides the backbone for your landscape. When providing our client with landscaping tips, we invariably factor in hardscape elements to create balance and division in the property. We can install a brand-new front stone walkway or stamped concrete pavers to create a front-yard patio. Our skilled landscapers can install borders, retaining walls, and picturesque garden paths that complement your landscape design.

Landscape Lighting

With professionally installed landscape lighting, you can achieve nighttime curb appeal as well as enhance the safety and security of your home. Our landscape designers use lighting to highlight landscape focal points as well as to light walkways, paths, and your home’s front entrance. We can add lighting to front yard garden beds or to highlight special water features. The right lighting plan will ensure that your landscape remains attractive to the eye from dawn until dusk.

Landscape Renovations

Sarasota Landscaping also specializes in landscape renovations. If you’ve purchased a home that has serious landscape problems like poor drainage or erosion, we can remediate these issues with our landscape renovations. Our landscapers can install retaining walls, French drains, terrace gardens, no-mow plantings for hilly terrain, natural plants, privacy plantings, and more.

Front Yard Oasis

Whether you want to update your curb appeal because you’re thinking of selling your property or to enhance your enjoyment of your home, Sarasota Landscaping can help. We can create a front yard oasis that frames your house to perfection. We can create outdoor spaces for sitting and enjoying your setting. Our visually arresting designs are always tailored to the property at hand and our clients’ preferences.

If you want to install a new landscape or need landscaping restoration, contact Sarasota Landscaping. We have a reputation for outstanding customer service and landscape design expertise. Call us to discuss your curb appeal ideas and we’ll get to work on a custom plan for you.