If you own a property in Florida, then you’ll probably spend a lot of time outside.

With perpetual beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery, Florida is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Having a Florida home is a dream for most people, but if you can make it a reality, you’ll want to enjoy it to its fullest.

Enjoying the outdoors and inviting friends and family over is a hallmark of living in Florida. For that reason, you need your property to look great, outside and in. In this post, we’re looking at exterior design ideas for your Florida home.

Implement a few of these design features and you’ll give your home extra curb appeal for guests and passersby.

1. Using Native Plants

Florida has got warm, sunny weather all year round, so you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the garden. There’s nothing better for the curb appeal and overall vibe of your home than adding flowers and trees to the front and backyard.

Lots of people feel the need to import their favorite plants from around the world, but the best thing to do to keep your garden healthy is plant native plants. There are hundreds of colorful flowers and shrubs native to Florida, not to mention grand oak, magnolia, and palm trees to name a few.

2. Outdoor Spa

If you’re going to be having outdoor gatherings for your friends and family, why not add an outdoor spa to your home? A pool will keep the kids busy and a hot tub is perfect for those beautiful Florida nights.

Even on the days when you’re flying solo, a spa is incredible for rest and relaxation.

3. Patios and Walkways

Having welcoming pathways and places to eat, socialize, and relax is crucial when you’re spending hours outside per day. At Tropical Landscaping of Sarasota, we can help enhance the exterior of your home with brick paver patios, walkways, driveways, and even pool decks.

You’d be surprised how much having brick hardscapes can bring your home to life and boost its curb appeal. Take a look at our website to learn more.

4. Gorgeous Lighting

In Florida, the parties don’t end when the sun goes down. Because it stays nice and warm until the wee hours of the morning, you can spend your evenings outdoors too. Of course, you’ll need exterior lights to make it comfortable.

Make sure to choose soft lights to accentuate your home’s other exterior features and build a pleasant atmosphere for your guests.

5. Private Parties

We discussed how important floral beds and trees are for the look of your home, but these can also act as privacy features. If you’re in close proximity to the neighbors and don’t want to build a fence, you can creatively use trees and shrubs to give your yard some privacy.

Bringing Exterior Design Ideas to Life

At Sarasota Landscaping, we take pride in bringing your exterior design ideas to life. With years of design and landscaping experience, we can bring any home’s exterior to life.

Visit our website to find out more about what we do and contact us to discuss how we can help make your Florida property shine.