One of the best ways to make your home look dynamic and beautiful is to install landscape lighting. Not only does it highlight architectural and landscaping features, outdoor lighting seriously improves your home security.

In this article, we’ll share our advice about installing landscape lighting. We’ll help you learn where and how to light your outdoor space and teach you why it’s always best to have professional landscapers design and install your landscape lighting.

Tips to Install Landscape Lighting

The best way to install landscape lighting is to focus first on illuminating the exterior of your house. Your house is the main feature of your property after all. These lights provide safety and security at night.

Begin by lighting your front entry and walkway. These are the areas that see the most traffic. It is also important to make sure your guests can see where they’re going when they walk up to your front door.

Next, focus on security. Highlight areas like windows and porches to maximize home safety.

Make sure you think about the different viewpoints of your house. What will your chosen lighting look like from the street? What will it look like as you’re driving up the driveway or walking to the entrances?

Take note of what your visitors’ perspectives will be to find key areas to illuminate. This will make your landscape lighting beautiful and functional.

The next step is picking accent pieces to highlight. These can be large trees, unique statues, topiaries, and other features. For these, use high-intensity lights at full brightness to make your accent pieces pop.

Bright lighting isn’t the only thing you need. Medium-intensity lights are great for illuminating sitting areas, pathways, and entertaining spaces. They also help add depth and character to the overall lighting of the landscape.

Finally, utilize subtle low-intensity lights to tie the whole space together. These are great for filling in unlit areas and avoiding large black holes that spaced-out high-intensity lights can create.

For a dynamic space, use backlighting and silhouetting to create depth and dimension. This is perfect for accent trees and topiaries. Create variance with up-lighting and down-lighting so that your space never looks flat or empty.

Help Installing Landscape Lighting

If you know how to install landscape lighting, you know that it can be an exhausting chore. You have to spend a considerable amount of time digging up your yard, installing the wiring, and making sure all of the fixtures work.

Not only do you have to put your yard back together after all that work, but you also have to pay for the equipment at retail price. That’s why the best way to install landscape lighting is to have a professional handle it.

At Sarasota Landscaping, we employ teams of experts to analyze your landscape from all angles. We create a personalized landscape lighting plan that highlights your landscape features and makes your home as safe as possible.

We are also a full-service landscaping company and can provide stunning landscape design and installation services for all of your outdoor spaces.

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