Are you looking to create the perfect landscaping in your yard? Are you ready to take the plunge to start your landscaping project but aren’t sure where to start?

Having well-designed landscaping sounds ideal to everyone but could be harder to achieve than you thought. Sometimes adding certain elements to your landscape design can work against each other, creating a cluttered or messy look.

To create the perfect landscape, you will need to understand and know what not to do. Check out these 8 common landscaping mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Planning Out Your Landscape Design

Having a design for your landscape will help you to better organize your yard and your time. Having a design plan in front of you will help you easily prepare for your landscaping process and find the best materials for your yard. It will also help to prevent any confusion or mistakes down the road during your landscape renovations.

Not having a plan can make the process hectic and chaotic. To make landscaping your yard easier on yourself, set a design plan before you start.

2. Not Researching Your Plants

Make sure you know how to properly care for the plants you bring into your landscape design. Pay attention to the ideal climate for the plants before you plant them in your yard to prevent any future problems.

Not knowing how to properly care for the plants you bring into your yard can create ugly brown spots, could kill the plants, and end up wasting your money. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to do your research before you start landscaping.

3. Overcrowding Areas

Overcrowding your yard can make it appear chaotic and can even make it look smaller. Planting too many plants or having different elements too close together are common landscaping mistakes that many people make. Try to avoid having too many plants or elements close to any hardscapes or your actual house itself.

Make sure to give each element in your design plenty of space and give your plants room to grow. Otherwise, you may find your well-designed landscaping plan becoming an overgrown jungle.

4. Forgetting to Trim Your Bushes and Hedges

Trimming your hedges and bushes is an important part of landscaping. An overgrown bush or hedge can make or break a landscape. Forgetting to trim and maintain them will make your yard look overgrown and messy.

By simply trimming down any excess growth, you can keep your landscape looking fresh and maintained. To keep your landscape looking its best, make sure you don’t make the mistake of forgetting to prune your bushes and hedges.

5. Forgetting About Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important part of landscaping that many people don’t think about. Not only is it a functional element, but it also adds a touch of style to your landscape design.

Landscape lighting also allows you to show off your landscape at night. If you have entertainment areas, it should be an essential feature of your design as well. Incorporating outdoor lighting features is a great way to add functionality to your landscape design and display personal style preferences.

6. Forgetting to Maintain Plants

Once you add all of your new plants to your landscape design, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about them. There are no bigger eyesores in a landscape design than dying or browning plants.

Add in a watering system to your landscape design that will keep your plants hydrated even when you are away from home. Make sure your plants are pruned, and any weeds are removed and maintained. Simple plant care and gardening will keep your landscape and yard looking pristine.

7. Adding Features That Are Too Large

It could be tempting to add in a bunch of different features to your landscaping design, but make sure you don’t go too big. A water fountain makes a beautiful centerpiece for a yard, but if it is too big, it will make the yard look smaller and overcrowded.

The same goes for plants and trees. Make sure you know how big the plants will get before you bring them into your yard. Otherwise, you may find that the plants will take over your entire design.

For a well-balanced landscape design, make many measurements and research the elements you plan to bring in. This will save you from having spatial problems in your landscape design process.

8. Adding Too Much

One of the best landscaping tips is not to add too much. Bringing in different ornamental and decorative pieces is a great way to add personal style and flair to your landscape design, but it is also easy to overdo it. Bring in pieces that will balance out your landscape design and not overwhelm it.

A variety of pieces that are well balanced throughout your yard will make your landscape design come together and can be the perfect final touch to your yard. As long as you do not overcrowd your yard with ornamental pieces, your landscape will look complete with a select amount of decoration.

Avoiding Common Landscaping Mistakes

Don’t make these common landscaping mistakes and make your yard look cluttered or chaotic. The perfect landscaping can be achieved as long as you know what not to do. Paying attention to these common mistakes will help you to avoid any problems in your landscaping process.

If you want help planning your landscape design or installing different landscaping features, contact us today for a consultation to find out how we can help you to create the perfect yard!