Are you getting your home ready for the summer? Are you looking for unique landscape lighting ideas that will really set your space apart?

While there are several popular lighting landscapes, not all outdoor lighting is the same. Your entertaining style, backyard layout, and personal preferences will all determine the light fixtures you choose for your property.

Here are some trends you need to know about.

Pathway Lighting

Pathways are an excellent way to add beauty and class to your landscape. They can guide guests to your door, making it the perfect backdrop for evening parties.

The best lights for your pathway give a soft glow without creating a distracting glare. One example of this is garden lights, which look like short posts on the ground. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, often appearing as mini-lanterns.

Another popular option is bollard lights, which are also ground-mounted. Bollard lights were originally used for guidance around decks and ships. They’re often used to create a barrier between the driveway and the lawn.

Recently, deck or step lights have also gained popularity. They can illuminate walkways or stairwells, ensuring that your guests can easily view their way in the dark.

Recessed tread lights are subtle, so your guests will notice only that their path is nicely illuminated. They also provide a classy touch and an additional safety feature.

Lighting for Water Features

Water features really add character to your landscape, and it’s a lot of fun to show them off at night.

For example, you may want to light up your pool with submersible lights at night. These come in a variety of colors. You can also mix and match them for a more eye-catching effect.

When it comes to ponds, you’ll want to be careful about the lighting you choose. Some can change the water temperature and harm fish or other water critters. Toxic materials like zinc or copper can also cause problems for your aquatic pets.

Polycarbonate materials and stainless steel are best for ponds. If you’re working with a lighting company, talk to them about toxicity before you choose pond lights. They should be able to recommend materials that will be safe.

Fountains can also get illuminated by submergible options. The shadowing can really make your fountain look appealing.

LED lights for fountains have low-voltage and waterproof casing. They save energy and use many tiny lights to create brightness.

String Lights

String lights can give that holiday lit-up feeling to your property all year round. They can be added to your porch, gazebo, or patio.

Outdoor string lights are available in a variety of colors and styles. LED styles are durable and waterproof. They also have dimming options, so you can adjust them as the sun goes down.

LED lights offer a very bright glow and are quite energy efficient. In fact, many come with a 3-year warranty.

String lights are also a great way to set your party space off from the rest of your property. Folks will feel the warm glow of a well-lit space while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns around your patio can really add warmth and class to your space. While sphere or cute-shaped options are easy to pair with anything, today’s market offers lots of fun options that include pineapple lanterns or multi-colored paper lights.

LED solar lamps can save you lots of time and money. Solar lanterns offer you the option of never needing to worry about finding a new light bulb. They can also serve to reduce your carbon footprint.

Floodlights and Spotlights

Floodlights and spotlights are used to cast a bright beam, with spotlights focusing on a more concentrated area. These can be used year-round to illuminate your property.

Floodlights are often used to increase security and provide plenty of visibility on your property. Spotlights are used for highlighting specific areas of your property. These could include a tree or a post.

Spotlights are also popular during the holidays, as they allow homeowners to display wreaths or other ornaments even when it’s dark out. They let others know that you take pride in your home’s decor.

Outdoor Uplighting

Another popular lighting option is outdoor uplighting. This can help to highlight your landscape or architecture at night.

Uplighting creates a beautiful effect for your home as long as it’s done tastefully. You’ll want to accentuate the shape and features of your home. LED options are also available.

Fire Features

Fire features are often used along with other forms of lighting to really brighten up an outdoor party. Wood-burning firepits, for example, can create a central gathering space. Folks will get the warmth and light of a campfire without needing to carry water up from the creek!

Another popular fire-based feature is Tikki torches. These are created on a tall torch made from bamboo, and they can be used to illuminate the corners of your porch area.

When used with citronella, Tikki torches can ward off insects. They can also add warmth and character. In addition, they’re an affordable way to liven up an outdoor party.

The Finest Landscape Lighting Ideas

When the summer starts, there’s no better way to welcome guests than a festive outdoor party And there’s no better way to make your backyard festive than these beautiful landscape lighting ideas. With so many wonderful options, you could be holding the backyard party of the season in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home decor now. For more great ideas, contact us today.