Our homes and where we live are known to create strong senses of emotional connection and well-being. So it follows that we want our homes to be places where we are able to enjoy our daily lives and spending time with loved ones. In Florida, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy warm, tropical weather almost year-round. Outdoor living built around great landscape design ideas can help increase your sense of home, as well as giving you additional space to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Thankfully, landscape design in Sarasota doesn’t need to be complicated! Read on for our top five tips to create your outdoor oasis and boost your home’s curb appeal.


Xeriscaping is a more environmentally friendly approach to landscaping. It’s designed to use less water, which will save you money and help conserve resources.

There’s a common misconception that xeriscaping is only made up of rock gardens that require zero water. However, that’s not the true definition. While rock gardens can be attractive and stunning features to your landscape design, there is more to xeriscaping that can help conserve water.

One of the first principles of xeriscaping is intentionally planning where plants are located. Areas with runoff are better for plants that require more moisture. Dry areas are better suited for drought-resistant plants.

It’s also common to remove turf, which requires a lot of water and replace it with walkways or other ground covers. This can be mulch, planta that need less water, or rock edging.

The goal of xeriscaping is to reduce the use of water, as well as the waste that can occur through evaporation and inefficient watering. Installing automated sprinklers help with precise watering, as do drippers and bubbler. You don’t want to over-water, which can lead to weaker root systems.

Native Plants

When you’re living in Flordia, the best landscape design ideas are ones that enhance the naturally occurring beauty around us. That means using native plants that are already adapted to the environment and growing conditions.

Choosing native plants helps ensure that your landscaping will thrive and requires less work for you to maintain.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are an obvious choice. These tropical beauties can be used as centerpieces or as an enhancement for your other plants. Nothing else says Florida as much as adding a few palm trees to your home’s exterior.

The most common types of palm trees used in Florida’s landscaping include Foxtail palms, Adonidia palms, and Royal palms. Your home’s look and where they would be placed will help determine which is the best for your yard.


Beautyberry is a drought-resistant bush that flowers out in the spring then showcases purple berries in the late summer and into fall. This native plant will grow between 6 and 12 feet tall and is known for attracting pollinators and birds.

Beautyberry makes a great addition to any yard or garden because it grows so well with little maintenance.

Saw Palmetto

The fan-shaped leaves of the saw palmetto are distinctive and commonly found around Florida. These plants can grow large in size, between 10 and 12 feet, and are an attractive feature in many yards and gardens.

Saw palmettos are also drought-resistant and don’t require much to thrive. Just make sure they’re not planted near walkways or doors!


For a low-growing plant that offers ground cover, look no further than the spiderwort. While its name may bring to mind crawling insects, it’s a fantastic perennial that will come back year after year with little work.

Spiderwort will grow to be about a foot or two in height and blooms with blue flowers in the mornings. It can be planted to garden beds or edging for an easy way to add more plant life into your garden design.

Water Feature

In the warm Florida climate, sunny days spent by the pool are in high demand. In fact, adding in a pool can boost your home’s value! If your home has enough space, a pool is a great addition your whole family will enjoy.

But even if a pool isn’t for you, adding in a small pond, waterfall, or fountain can do a lot for your outdoor space. The sight and sound of running water are relaxing, which can help create a unique oasis for your home. And don’t forget the visual interest that it can add to your landscape!

Our landscaping team can help you dream up and design the perfect fit for your yard and budget.


If you truly want to capitalize on the year-round weather and opportunities for outdoor living, add outdoor lighting to your landscape. It’s one of the best landscaping ideas you can achieve quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Well-placed lights not only illuminate your existing landscaping but can create beauty and drama in your space. This will allow you, your family, and your friends to enjoy spending time outside for more hours of the day.

Lighting can range from stringing outdoor light on a pergola to illuminate your evening dinner gatherings, to uplight on trees and water features. No matter what, it will add to the attractiveness of your home once the sunsets.


Another way to add attractive and durable landscaping to your home is to focus on adding in hardscape. Hardscape is anything that is not living but adds a structural or decorative element to outdoor spaces.

This can be in the form of a paver patio or fire pit, which creates more seating. It can also be a pergola or shade structure, fencing, or outdoor kitchen.

One of the benefits of hardscaping is that it does not require a large amount of work to maintain. The initial cost and labor involved can be significant, however, so it may be best left to a professional landscaping company.

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